Conrad Johnson ART 88 triode flagship voorversterker



De ART 88 wordt met de hand gebouwd in de fabriek van Conrad-Johnson in de VS.

The ART88 is essentially a dual-monaural preamplifier, the two channels sharing only the power transformer and chassis. The circuitry is elegant in its simplicity. Each channel’s audio circuit features two high-transconductance twin triode vacuum tubes. Gain is provided by a composite triode of paralleled sections of one NOS Philips PCC88. This amplifier stage is coupled to the preamplifier outputs through a high-current buffer stage consisting of paralleled sections of a second PCC88 twin-triode.

Gain: 25 db Maximum output: 10 vrms Output impedance: 190 ohms Distortion: less than .25% THD at 1.0 V Frequency response: 2 Hz to more than 100Khz Hum and noise: <50uv phase: phase inverting Tube complement: 4 x PCC88 Dimensions 40,5cmD x 47,6cmW x 13,8cmH Weight 15 kg
Conrad Johnson
Our design philosophy is the culmination of more than 40 years of research and development. conrad-johnson products are executed with simple circuits, constructed with the highest-quality custom components. Our products benefit from the use of proprietary components (CJD film capacitors, audio and power transformers), military-grade parts (precision audio resistors), and in-house designed elements (circuit boards, chassis and dress metal)—all sourced from North American vendors. All c-j components are designed and built by hand in the USA. Our products are a manifestation of our passion. Performance cannot merely be measured; it must be heard. It just sounds right.

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