Atma Sphere buizen mono Poweramps MA-2 Mk 3.3


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nDe poweramps zijn niet aanwezig in de showroom, bel of mail voor een luisterafspraak!
nNow the Mk. 3.3 boasts an improved gain stage with even wider bandwidth and greater transparency than ever before. We have added switchable feedback and automatic tube biasing to round out the package. Yet it remains smooth, detailed, and tuneful with a speed that belies such a large tube amplifier. Unlike many other amplifiers, it will stand up to constant playback without any noticeable artifact. And the improvements the MA-2 offers will be obvious on any system within seconds of powering it up; it sounds that good.
nThe MA-2 is noted for its superior performance on Sound Lab, Wilson Audio, JM Labs, Magnaplanar and Avalon loudspeakers. These are speakers that need an amplifier capable of serious power. An amplifier that can fully utilise the full bass frequency range of the speaker with the proper control and impact, while simultaneously retaining detail, delicacy, and speed. This is an unusual combination but this is what sets Atma-Sphere apart from the competition.

- Balanced Differential Design® - Class-A operation - Patented Circlotronic® direct-coupled (OTL) output stage - Dual-mono chassis construction - Automatic bias - no adjustment needed - Built in VU meter for tube and output monitoring - Copper foil V-Cap Teflon coupling caps - Standby switch for long output tube life - Dual AC power circuits for each chassis - Uses only one gain stage for supreme clarity of sound - Proprietary precision components used throughout - Low-noise "star" grounding topology - Fully hand-wired point-to-point electronics - no circuit boards! - Stable with all input and load conditions - Uses octal-based triode tubes
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Product specificaties



Atma Sphere




46,7 kg

Afmetingen (H x B x D)

71 x 43 x 25 cm

Uitgangsvermogen (per kanaal)

220 watts per channel into 4, 8 or 16 Ω load before clipping

WAF (wife acceptance factor)

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