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Double mono layout of all circuitry and power supply for maximum channel separation.
Magnetically and capacitively optimized circuit and device design without any ferro-magnetic materials.
Floating Pane Design for optimal resistance against microphonic effects and temperature stability.

The floating panels of the body are resonance-optimized by pads on an aluminum frame.
Mounting and bolted assembly of transformers made of stainless steel.
Air Flow Design circuit boards for an optimum of cooling and stable quiescent currents.
Galvanic separation of all analog circuits by opto couplers.
Rhodium RCA inputs and mains connector by Furutech.
Volume controller on a double ball-bearing axis and with magnetic ratchet and optical sensing.
DC coupled with no sound diminishing capacitors or coils, shortest signal paths.
Four power supplies for positive and negative power currents, separate for input & driver stage and power stage.
Two encapsulated und decoupled 100VA and two encapsulated and decoupled 850VA toroid transformers.
Low impedance-optimized power capacitors with a total capacitance of 312.000 µF.
Total capacitance 400.000 µF.
Newly developed contextual operating concept.
By-Pass mode for integration into home cinema systems..
Audionet Link outputs for the remote control of further Audionet ULTIMATE SERIES devices.
Microprocessor control with separate power supply monitor and control of all functions, informing the user on a high resolution display.
User definable names for each input, input levels adjustable for each input.
User selectable function to remove DC levels from signal sources.
Rhodium fuse.
PreAmp Outputs in RCA and XLR for connecting additional Power Amps.

Technical Data Typ Ultimate Analog Integrated Stereo Amplifier Output Power 2 x 320 W into 8, 2 x 460 W into 4 Frequency response: 0-700.000 Hz (-3 dB), DC 0,3-700.000 Hz (-3 dB), AC THD+N 120 dB, (A-weighted) Channel Separation >140 dB, 20-20.000 Hz Input impedance: Cinch (Line): 50 kl Symmetrical (XLR): 35 kl Mains: 220…240 V or 110…120 V, 50…60 Hz Power consumption: < 0,5 W Stand By, max. 1800 W Dimensions: Width: 450 mm Height: 320 mm Depth: 505 mm Weight: 61 kg Finish/Colours: Corpus: Aluminum, 9 mm, Silver or black Display light or dark Colour TFT Display: Colour-TFT Finish Corpus: Silver or black, Display: Light or dark colour TFT
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